Evaporative Cooler

Snowa Home Appliances
  • Dear User

Please read the booklet carefully before using the product.


  • Specifications

The interior body of this product is made with standard galvanized sheets that make it resistant against humidity and rust.

Also, the exterior body is coated with high quality powder paint, giving this product a beautiful appearance and also minimum heat absorption and maximum resistance.


  • Electrical Parts

The electro-motor used in Snowa’s air cooler is from high quality, with a B heat grade and it is accordant with national standards.


  • Haulm Padding

Haulm padding is consisted of Cellulosic materials with strings having the appropriate porosity and density, which are resistant against decay and the production of microorganisms, and they are also evaporation efficient. The haulm padding has a safeguard net with fine meshes that have been stitched in horizontal and vertical orders. 


  • Haulm Padding’s Mat

This mat is made from pewter (malleable metal alloy) with a Polyethilin coating, which in addition to its easy installation; it is also durable and has an elegant look. 


  • Floater Valve 

The floater valve is easily adjustable and through it, the stored water inside the air cooler can be adjusted. It should be mentioned that the floater valve has the least error rate and is adjustable with the water pressure so that in case of water pressure increase, it will not leak.

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