Snowa Home Appliances
  • Washing capacity: 1-8kg
  • Energy consumption label: A+++
  • Motor type: Direct drive
  • Annual energy consumption: 115kwh/cycle
  • According to the results of Standard test for 60° cotton cycle
  • Annual water consumption: 16280 lit.
  • Dryer max. revolution: 1400 r.p.m.
  • Noise in washing state: 52 dB
  • Noise in drying state: 69 dB


Washing programs

  • Cotton: Cotton clothes, bed sheets and alike, clothes with fixed colors
  • Synthetic: Poly amid, acrylic, polyester clothes and clothes made of synthetic  fibers
  • Dark wash: Appropriate for washing dark clothes
  • Bedding: Washing bed sets, such as bed covers, bed sheets, etc.
  • Jean wash: Washing jean materials
  • Delicate: Elegant and tender clothes that are easily damaged
  • Super Eco: Washing clothes with min. energy
  • Sport Wear: Washing sports clothing and casual wear
  • Wool: Pure wool clothes washable by washing machines
  • Hand Wash: Simulating hand wash for rather dirty colored clothes
  • Baby Care: Washing and disinfecting babies clothing, together with pre-wash operation
  • Quick 19: Rapid wash in 19 minutes
  • Drain: Draining
  • Self Clean: Pot automatic washing



  • Easy Iron: To prevent wrinkling of clothes
  • Rinse+: Additional rinsing (adjustable for 2-5 times), eliminating the effects of washing materials by increasing time and adding water
  • Pre-wash: Pre-wash for washing very dirty clothes
  • Jet Wash System: Direct spraying of water and washing materials on the clothes, causing better washing quality
  • Time Delay: Delaying the washing time, from 2-12 hours
  • Islamic Rinse: Rinsing the clothes in completely religious manner
  • Favorite: Storing the washing program with all the adjustments and options, for future quick uses


Other Features

  • Nano-silver technology
  • Bubble-making system
  • Clothing automatic balance system
  • Child safety lock
  • Adjustable temperature of cold water to 95°C, according to the selected program


Guarantee and Services

  • Selecting HAMI Service, as the only reliable guarantee of SNOWA products
  • Free of charge installation, start-up and operating instructions
  • 3 years and 3 months guarantee of the parts
  • 8 years after-sales services
  • 124 months guarantee of SNOWA direct drive motors 
  • 6 months guarantee for replacing, in case of technical problems

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