Audio and Video Factory

Producer of various types of LED, LCD and 3D smart audio and video products, with an average manufacturing rate of 300 TV sets per day, apart from producing TV sets in various models and sizes also manufactures audio and video sets such as DVD, Home Theater and etc.

The products of this factory follow the international quality standards in using parts for production of goods. By following these set of standards and innovation in models, the factory has managed to become a leading contender in the local market.


Washing Machine Factory

This factory manufactures assorted washing machines with 5 to 9-liter capacity, it also manufactures dishwashers . The factory produces over 102 different models.

Experienced management and skilled staffs and the use of advanced automation systems have created an ideal condition for the production of the high quality products and have paved the way for its entry into local and foreign markets.

The daily production capacity of this factory is 2,500 washing machines which may vary according to preprograming.

Apart from equipping its products with modern achievements such as Nano bacteria wash, efficient energy consumption board (level A), child lock, crease care , automatic water selector and color variety, it has also begun to manufacture full automatic machines equipped with a religious rinsing system.


Refrigerator Factory

Manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers , was established in 2006. For this, at first a group of 30 Iranian specialists and engineers started the research and then to benefit from up-to-date knowledge on plant design, a team of international experts from Germany and Italy joined them.

This factory was established in an area of 135,800 square meters, comprising 43,558 square meters of production hall and office space and 3,000 square meters of landscape. This factory was honored with IMS certificate for integrated management system, and also EFQM certificate for commitment to excellence and respecting consumer rights.

The factory has managed to establish a fully automatic production line for manufacturing doors for various side-by-side refrigerators for the first time in Iran a technology exclusive to only a few advanced countries.


Heating, Cooling and Oven Factory

It was established in an area of 40,000 square meters for production of home appliances such as heating and cooling devices and ovens . The factory is equipped with 6,000 square meters paint and glaze unit and also has the best machinery for covering components based on the advanced world technology.

The factory manufactures 400 ovens per day, which can be increased to 1,200 ovens a day depending on the season and market capacity.

The factory has the capacity of manufacturing 200,000 ovens and 100,000 water , air-conditioners per year; 20% of the ovens and 50% of the air-conditioners are exported to the littoral countries of the Persian Gulf.

In 2011, the factory was awarded the IMS certificate for its integrated management system, and in 2012, it received the CE marketing certificate for exporting ovens to Europe.


Plastic Factory

This factory was established in 2006 in an area measuring 25000 square meters. Using state-of-the-art world technologies in producing plastic goods by injection, extrusion and air-power, this factory has manufactured products with various weights and sizes. Qualitative and timely supply of all required polymeric household products of the selection group was the prime goal in founding the factory.

By using experienced and qualified management and professionals on the one hand and using applicable machinery and equipment, laboratory and modern European and Asian automated systems, the factory creates an ideal condition in meeting the requirements of the customers no matter how complex or sensitive they may be.

Since 2009, this factory has been honored with TS and IMS certificates for quality management. Using the leading-edge technology and engineering in the plastic    industry and production of goods with the maximum quality and efficiency, and with a minimum loss and optimized use of existing facilities and manpower-which are the largest organizational investments is the zero-tolerance policy for the factory management.


Metal Factory

This factory was established in 1989 with an area covering of 17,000 square meters, which comprised of 13,000 square meters of a manufacturing hall and the office space. Being primarily established to manufacture washing machines, the factory entered the industrial sector in 1999. Since 2011, it has been manufacturing metal parts (press shop) and molds to assist in group’s aims.

The nominal capacity for production of metal parts is 3400 sets per day; by proper planning and efforts of the experienced staff the real capacity of the company, a record of 3000 sets per day has been set.

With regards to the capacity and experiences in manufacturing molds and metal parts, it is also possible to take orders beyond the scope or routines of the company such as car industry and home appliances.