Goal and vision



The most important social capital of a country is "Trust" between people and "relying" on each other is culmination of this trust.

Now by relying on our background after passing preliminary stages of national production, we have chosen "count on us" slogan, as an internal approach, until Iranian people can rely on us as the best Iranian brand.

We realize that audiences of Snowa, are aware consumers who consider the success, in dignity, recognizing facilities, quality and right to choose and also consider Snowa as a coordinated move in meeting Iranian needs; a move which is always reliable and can count on it.




1- Responsive:

Snowa is responsible for giving 24/7 services to customers immediately and being responsive to customers in every part of production and services.


2- Dynamic:

Snowa recognizes the value of time so observes the technical evolution, realizes the society needs and tries to meet their needs by latest technology.


3- Purposive:

Snowa will not do anything without planning and targeting, Snowa will spend accuracy in every plan.


4- Pioneer:

Snowa tries to play a leading role in home appliances industry of Iran and assists to promote the national innovation production.


5- Diligent:

Snowa considers its development by hardworking of its staffs and planned to appreciate them.


6- Family:

Snowa realizes itself as a big family which all of its member's thought is Snowa promotion and they are deserved to respect without any discrimination.


7- Coordinated:

Snowa always tries to identify different tastes, needs and priorities of consumers and according to these tastes, needs and priorities, will provide products and services.


8- Undertaking Social Responsibility:

Snowa realizes that organizational development depends on economic development of country which is impossible without social and cultural growth. In this case Snowa counts it as a duty to participate actively in solving social issues and making the society vigorous, healthy and hopeful.