who we are



Snowa is a national brand of Entekhab Industrial Group, which is the biggest home appliances holding in Iran, located in Mourcheh Khort Industrial zone and has several developed lines for manufacturing home appliances products.

Snowa is an Iranian brand in home appliances market which has started its activity for several years with comprehensive home appliances portfolio and it is exporting its products to neighbors.

In 2014 Snowa by starting rebranding project with "Count on us" slogan, developed its brand to new way of customer care services, suitable prices, higher quality and etc.

Having a complete home appliances portfolio is an honor in home appliances industry that Snowa has reached this, and will keep on with the highest quality.



 Date of establishment:1988


• Products:Oven and Gas Cooker, Refrigerator,Evaporative Cooler and Air Conditioner , Microwave, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Vacuum Cleaner, TV (LED, LCD, Smart, 3D), DVD player, CD playerand Blu-ray