Twin tub washing machine / Alpha SWTe - alf85

Snowa Home Appliances
  • Nano Silver technology with the ability of desensitization
  • A system of washing that protects skin of hands
  • Transparent washing and dryer doors to control the washing process
  • Equipped with a large rotating screen, with high cleaning power
  • Beautiful and unique design with a body consists of two layers of plastic ad very resistant
  • Choice of different washing programs as needed by consumer
  • Optimal energy consumption
  • High washing capacity for bulky clothes
  • Water discharge pump
  • Two separate motors (washing and drying)
  • Two-surface wash filter
  • Magnetic doors
  • All rubber floor and impenetrable for the harmful insects
  • Cascading cleaning system
  • Washing in 2 different volumes of dewatering

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